Allotec C25 Sliding Dropouts


Anyone have a set or 2 of these things? I know there are other options (Strato, BFS, Paragon) but I’d really rather not go that route.

Have you considered reaching out to Allotec directly and asking for “samples” or a low minimum order quantity (MOQ)? They were super helpful the last time I asked for CAD.

For Reference:

I was browsing their site and came across this titanium rice paddle. If you ask for samples, can you sask for the Ti scoop too? :rofl:


Oh! I didn’t know I NEEDED that.

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Group buy for Ti rice scoop and dropouts?
I’m in for 1 rice scoop and 5 sets of dropouts.


It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Allotec. Kind’ve figured since I’m not working with a brand importing 10k bikes/year they’d tell me to pound sand. Seems like your experience is different.

I’ll reach out and see if I can secure some paddles too.

@sikocycles you serious about 5 sets of dropouts?

Yes if the price is right. 5 sets will last a long time for me. Looks like BFS used to carry them but does not anymore. The last set I bought from BFS was pretty reasonable. Was $49 for the set.

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I may have a pair I could part with, do you need the aluminum carriers as well?


Ideally I’m looking for QR carriers as well (unsure if these are compatible with the Paragon inserts) doesn’t matter if the NDS side is ISO or post mount.

I can check tonight if PMW fit in since I have both at my house.

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FWIW I sent them an RFQ and they got back to me quickly. I never did end up placing an order though so I can’t comment to that process.


Those would work perfectly.


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Hey Folks,

I received a quote on the following:
C25 - Dropout body
C52 - Insert
C62 - Insert
C96 - Insert (waiting for quote)

Duties, int. shipping and domestic shipping is still TBD.

For simplicity (on my end)

  • Total Order MOQ: 50 dropouts / 50 inserts
  • Individual MOQ: 5 dropouts / 5 inserts

Feel free to DM me or email me for pricing.

If you wanted one of those rice paddles, I have pricing on that too.

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PMW sliders fit.


Thanks for confirming!

IF anyone else is interested in joining the buy please let me know ASAP.

Do you maybe have a full allotec catalogue with prices and minimum order quantities?
I would love to get my hands on one

How wide are the flanges on these?

Not very wide. Maybe 16mm. I will measure when I get home.

Hello guys, a bit late to the party, but does anyone have the CAD Files for the C25 dropouts and sliders?


I don’t have any CAD but I do know these are an option in BikeCAD.