Front Dropout with Integrated Flat Mount Boss

It’s always hard to gauge interest because people will show excitement and then forget about it tomorrow. Which is fine, there’s usually something new and cool to look for. This is something I want to offer, after all, the less work for the builder the better. Probably steel to begin with.
Something that will always help get a product out the door faster is demand. If you or a few other builders can team together and put a deposit down for a blanket order then we can get it out quickly. Otherwise, it will have to follow the regular design pipeline. I can add it to our list, but it will likely be a few months before it gets released.


Thanks, Calvin. I’m just excited to hear you would like to offer something like this! No hurry in particular, but I’ll ask around. By the way, nice work on the latest rear dropouts for flat mount - they look incredible!

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Thank you, but the lion’s share of the credit goes to our amazing designer and machinist Luis, my dad Mark, and then maybe me.