ISCG Tab Standards and Files

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send cut send can tap the threads for you for a small upcharge (I think its worth it)

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Thanks! I’ll check them out. I’ll need to tweak the CAD model slightly as my BB is a different diameter, but that is easy.

Can anyone provide more insight into the dimension for mount placement inboard on the bottom bracket shell? This drawing seems to be the sole reliable reference on the internet, and the only other note I could find mentioned that 2.5mm inboard is a minimum value (also working on the assumption that this drawing is based on a 73mm shell width). The Engin tool shows that it places the mounting face at 9mm from the edge of a 92mm shell. Quick math using numbers pulled from a mass-produced bike indicates that it should be ~8.25mm inboard once the shell is at a finished width of 91.5mm

Is this dimension simply not very critical?

If dimensions only reference a minimum distance, my take on that is that you can space out the bash guard or chain guide to align it.
It’s more difficult to go the other way.

Therefore I’d rather put it a bit too far inboard than too far outboard.

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Sorry, I did a bit of digging, but I can’t find any consensus. The reality is these “standards” are not standards. I have no idea where Engin is getting the T47 specs. The number of T47x92mm BB’s with ISCG tabs out in the wild is probably <10 bikes

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Fair enough, thanks for looking! I guess it’ll just be a matter of tacking and checking with a crank and a bash guard.

Thanks for looking! Guess it’ll just be a matter of tacking and checking with a bash guard

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I modified our Engin ISCG locating tool so that it sets the tab 2.5mm in from the bb face per the dimensions provided by Eko Sport/MRP. If anyone knows chain guides and how they should be mounted its MRP.

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