2024 Philly Bike Expo, March 16 – 17

Here’s the next ~ big ~ event in the US:


I was so excited to go to Mid South this year that I didn’t check my calendar before registering and only found out it’s on the same weekend as PBE a few weeks ago :melting_face:

I can’t wait to see the photos!

I will be there walking around. Not showing yet.

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From Bina’s Email

Registered Framebuilders as of Friday, January 26:
44 Bikes, LLC
Appleman Bicycles
Artefact X NMW
Básica Studio
Bilenky Cycle Works
Bishop Bikes
Blaze Bicycles
Chapman Cycles
Coast Cycles
Dogwood Cycleworx
Fine Bikes
Handz Bicycles
Iride Italian Bicycles
Jeffrey Bock Custom Cycles LLC
July Bicycles
Junkyard Cats
Maiorossé Cycles and TBD
Mars Cycles
Memento Cycles
Royal H Cycles
Shovel Research
Significant Other Bikes
Vicious Cycles
Wan Gerin


We’ll be there, too! Calvin and Dave will be holding down the fort… erg… booth!


Roll call!

Who is going?


I’ll be there on Saturday walking around.

Hope to see a bunch of you here! I’ll be at the mars booth

I will be walking around.
Will have a Sikocycles shirt on. Stop me a say Hi.


I’ll be walking around with a FTW shirt on.


Philly show was fun. Good turn out.
Saw a few of you there. We need a CFF booth next year for us rookies to show our stuff.


It was great to meet some of the forum there. Thanks for coming out. What did all the peeps who made it think of what was out there?

I’d be down for the cff booth

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