26 inch / 27.5 specific rigid carbon forks

Hello folks

I have been searching for quiiite a while and I can’t seem to find any carbon forks cheap or expensive that come in shorter than let’s say 385mm a-c and are not super narrow. even 650b specific gravel forks I couldn’t find, Anybody aware of something I am not?

Fanks. Cheers

@liberationfab told me about these. I’m using the MTB version on one of my bikes and it’s been good so far. When I build the final frame for this bike I might switch to that fork.

It isn’t 650B specific, but 398 a-c isn’t that long.

If you go too far off into the weeds you’ll need to make a steel fork — nothing wrong with that!

Also look for old Ritchey forks.

I think 385mm A2C is already really low. The gravel “standard” is 395mm A2C. What sort of tire clearance are you trying to get?

Here are a few more weird options:

Build your own fork. Carbon forks are always a compromise on geometry, attachment points, steer tube size and shape, dropouts etc.

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