37mm headtube reamer to borrow/source?

Hi all, @mark_pmw graciously supplied me with an ec37 HT for a build, I’ve seen fleeting Cyclus 37mm reamers around the internet, and am hoping to get this HT reamed soon for a trip. If anybody has one, I would gladly pay shipping both ways to borrow it for this job! I’ll throw in some salmon or other goodies as well :slight_smile:


Hit up Matt @ Saltair Cycles

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You could also see if Peter at Ceeway is able to order one for you, they’re still listed in the 2024 catalog on Cyclus’ website. I recently ordered BB and HT finishing tools from him and was extremely impressed by the service. I enquired about the products Sunday evening, received a link for payment Monday morning, and the tools arrived at my home in the Western U.S. on Friday afternoon. Don’t let the website turn you off.

If you get in a real pinch an adjustable reamer like this one might be able to do the job.

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Hi Charlie,

I have a Cyclus set that I’m happy to lend.
Just the cutters if you have a suitable handle, or the full kit.

I’m in the UK, so shipping might be expensive, but I can look into what it might cost to ship to Alaska for you.

PS: I’m liking how 37mm is quietly coming back as a standard :slightly_smiling_face:
Perhaps we should have all stuck with 1-1/4" Ahead steerers back in the early 90s, and not got side tracked back down to 1-1/8" straight, then 1.5" straight, then 1.5x1-1/8" tapered and 1-1/4x1-1/8" tapered etc.

All the best,
Dan Chambers
Danson Technical Ltd.