3D Printed Tool Organizers

I wanted to share my design for a 3D printed hole saw stand in hopes that it might help someone out. Basically just a fancy version of the holes-in-a-2x4 method. This stand is based around the PMW hole saw arbors. The rear row has clearance for 2" saws while the front row is capable of holding1.5" saws. There are additional slots for both extended hole saw arbors (7 1/4" x 5/8"-18 & 7 1/4" x 1/2"-20).

Has anyone else printed any organizational tools?


Thats awesome I need to make one of those

Thanks, Iā€™m pretty happy with it. Also, there are .step and .f3d files on the thingiverse page if you want/need to modify them.

More of a part organizer than tool organizer, but I figure this fits with the topic. Might be useful for someone. Full disclosure I saw this from Acoustic Cycles, so full credit to him.


I have made a tool organizer for my old emco lathe. Every tool, that I use more often is in this little organizer stored away.


Easy access for hex tools at the repair stand. One of the first things I made when I got a printer at home.