3D Printer "Test" Projects

Our little BambuLab 3-D printer is busy with prototypes for new PMW projects and custom jobs. Every now and again, we have to print something fun for our shop. Behold! The Banana Holder!

What have you printed that was just as silly?


You selling those yet?

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I’ll Play:

Here are my 3D printed Stan’s Dart holders, I made them for quick access to plugs while racing. This was before I got my Bambu Lab X1c so they were printed on my Ender 5 Pro. It took a couple iterations to get the fit dialed (draft angles on injection parts can be tricky for a clip fit), I really should make some out of Carbon Nylon with the Bambu though! I’m tempted quote them in SLM Titanium just for giggles.

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Here’s my 3D-printed tube to house electronics and batteries of a dynamo-hub usb charger.


And fully finished, probably something for the integrated cable routing thread, but without the 3d printed casing I probably wouldn’t have gotten it waterproof :slight_smile: