5 troy ounces Wolverine 56% Silver Solder FS $125 clams shipped - CONUS only

I’ve accumulated more than I’m going to need, so hopefully someone can use this at a good price.
It’s new in original packaging. Hopefully I can upload a photo on here. It’s the first time I’ve posted although I’m also on the Google Framebuilders Group and Bike Forums.

I’m in SF CA. Payment by Paypal, please. Shipping is USPS Priority padded bag with tracking.

LMK if you have any questions and Thanks !
Michael F.

Howdy Lemmy, I’ll take this off your hands if it’s not already gone? Im over in Oakland

Dear Prandus,

Great - I sold something !

I can send it to you via USPS or if you want you can pick it up here in SF - I live about 2.5 blocks from the 24th St. BART Station in La Mission. I’ll take $10 clams off if you want to pick it up.

LMK and Thanks !