56mm Steel Headtubes?

Yes, I know it’s a component with very small demand, but it does not hurt to ask. Does anyone know if 56mm straight headtubes are available somewhere?

Why a big “can” like that? Simple. The use of 56mm headtubes enables the use of headsets that allow for +/-5mm reach adjustment. Even though most handmade frames are made-to-measure types of affairs, in some cases the extra adjustability would not hurt.

More about the said headsets can be read here – Workscomponents.co.uk – Reach Adjust Headsets

Thank you for your input.

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As far as I know, I have not seen any in steel. What length and use case? Out of my curiosity, I can get some quotes for you.

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I’ve also been curious about this but from the internally routed road bike perspective. Lots of fully internal cable systems use IS52/IS52 headsets.

Edit: whoops, I think I misinterpreted this as asking for OD=56mm head tubes, not ZS56 head tubes

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Thanks! For heavy-duty use, all the way up to enduro or even downhill riding. Durability and strength over weight for sure. 125mm length would be a nice middle-of-the-road type of size.

While at it, I just realized that sourcing a reamer for this headtube might be just or even more difficult than the headtubes themselves.

Cycles makes a 56mm reamer. I got one for the 44/56mm headtubes that @Equinox made for me.