A list of countries and their builders

With this post I want to make a list, sort of a data base of the builders on this forum, where they are located and what kind of builder they are, eg: hobbyist, semi-professional or full time commercial frame builder. I know there are extensive lists around that list framebuilders, but they tent to only list the ones who are open for business. The reasons i’m starting this list is first of all to shape a better idea of where most of us are located, and second to create something searcheable by web for people who want to get into framebuilding and might want to contact someone who is near them. When I got interested in framebuilding I really wanted to talk to some dutch builders but couldn’t really seem to find any. If this post is deemed not fitting or too similar to the introduction thread please do remove but I thought it might be useful.

Add a comment with your country, and a description of the type of builder you are, name of your brand etc. If someone else already commented with your country please make your own comment attached to the first one so we can keep countries together.

The Netherlands

Jilles, no business and only just starting to dip my toes in the world of framebuilding.