Access to a DC tig setup in Oslo on 3rd or 4th of July

I’m planned to stay in oslo from the 2nd to the 5th of July (Tuesday through Friday) and am going to try and get access to a tig welding machine/setup/space where I can complete a small repair, compensate the proprietor with cash, beers, or long winded discussions about bb height and jig design, and be on my way.

Are you that oslovian who can offer access to such a setup?

Do you know a framebuilder, tig welder, or steel fabricator in oslo?

Cheers in advance for any leads you may have to keep me rolling worry-free.


Truls Erik Johnsen is just outside Oslo (Holen) used to have a fully equipped framebuilding workshop. Not sure what his current setup but it’s worth shooting him a message to check. I think the best way to get in touch is probably Instagram these days.


Ah that’s magic, he’s not too far out of town, It seems he’s up for it, so hopefully I can make that work. Cheers for the quick reply!


Tell him hi from Alex in Seattle. We had a fun time in his shop and around town about a decade ago.

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