Actual and theoretical seat tube angle?

building with bent seat tubes…
dumb question…
bent verses straight seat tube angles dimensions.
I was wondering if there is way to visually know each dimension with out manually add it??

for example I want to maintain a certain top tube length and have a virtual sta of 75deg ish but the actual angle is close to 71. deg

is there a way to see those numbers change as you adj your geo to suite??
does this make sense??

If I understand your objective correctly, what you need to do is to enable either of the two following dimensions:

Frame > Seat angle to top tube length (effective)
Frame > Seat angle to top tube length (effective (Taiwanese))

The choice which depends on which top tube length option you use. Effective, or Effective Taiwanese. I’d make sure to enable the matching dimensions.

To set the angle you will still have to adjust the actual angle in the primary dimensions pane until the effective angle shows the value you’re after.


In the Primary Dimensions dialogue box set your saddle height and seat tube angle to what you want, then switch from Saddle Height to Saddle Clamp to BB (X). This will lock in the seat post clamp position. Then go to the Tubing dialogue box and play around with your seat tube bend.


thats the ticket!!! thank you @manzanitacycles

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