All About Shipping with PMW

I’m starting a list of threads/discussions regarding PMW/s shipways and the cost of such.

Before you go down that rabbit hole, I want to let you know that we do our best keep our overall costs down with the products and try to give the best customer service we can. You can always phone us 1-510-232-3223 or shoot me an email about anything (really, I mean it, anything).

However, the costs of shipping seems to be a pain point globally. Do an internet search for “Why is shipping so high” to get an idea.


We’re trying something this 2023 holiday season AND THIS MIGHT ONLY BE TEMPORARY, we’ve added USPS International Priority Mail. It’s expensive as heck but we wanted to give another international option to ship.

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We added Domestic USPS Ground Advantage to our online store late last week. This is a US Postal Service product, not FedEx. The cost should be noticeably less than Domestic USPS Priority Mail.

We hope this lessens the financial pain point when shopping online at PMW.