Anvil stuff for sale (external link)

Seen on another forum:

Lots of Anvil fixtures for sale:

Some can be shipped, some must be picked up…located in central Colorado

I’ll send photos on request.

Anvil Horizontal Main Tube Mitering Fixture
Includes: Dummy mandrels for phase adapter: 28.6, 31.8, 34.9, 38.1, 47.6. 50.8

Tube blocks for 25.4, 28.6, 31.8, 34.9, 38.1, 41.3, plus universal block.

Mounting plate for 8" rotary table

$1,400, pick up only

Phase II Rotary Table, 8"
Model #: HV221-308, 8", Horizontal/Vertical
$600, pick up only

*** purchase the mitering fixture and rotary table together for $1800**

Anvil Seat Stay Mitering Fixture
Includes: end cones, Vary-Vane ends for slotted dropouts, universal tube blocks,

16mm and 19mm blocks, centering device, t-handle hex key

$650, buyer pays shipping

Anvil Chain Stay Mitering Fixture
Universal tube blocks, centering device, t-handle hex key
$700, buyer pays shipping

Anvil Fork Fixture
Makes forks!
$800, buyer pays shipping

Anvil Radius Tube Bender
Mandrel for .625 tube size x 11.375 radius, ideal for curved seat stays
$650, pick up only

Anvil Brake Boss Guide
road brake bridge and cantilever post adapter
$400, buyer pays shipping

Anvil Lug Vise
1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4", 1.330" (BSA BB)
$225, buyer pays shipping

Sputnik Water bottle drill jig
Dummy BB for BSA
$250, buyer pays shipping

Shipping via FedEx or UPS in USA only.

Feel free to ask questions.

PayPal and Venmo accepted.


What do I have to bribe you with to ship the mitering fixture and the chainstay fixture to Austria? :wink:


Or to California?

California-Colorado could be a nice road trip!
To Austria it would be a VERY INTERESTING road trip! :smiley: