Applications of PEEK in Cycling

What would be the best place to use PEEK? As someone who’s experimented with super tough polymers in 3D printing, where would the self-lubricating/low friction plastic be best used? My instinctual thought is bearings + chainrings. Does anyone else have ideas?

disclaimer. i’ve just googled peek for the first time and read the first hit.

There used to be a product available which was marketed as a lightweight replacement for the upper headset bearing, IIRC it was a solid “nor-glide” bushing/plain bearing which dropped directly into a normal headset and saved a few grams.

Nobody really cares for the few grams it saved (at least not anymore, though we did at the time) , and apparently they were a bit sticky and hard to preload perfectly.

However, we’re currently having a new crisis of identity and rather than picking grams we’re trying to ram all the cables through the upper headset bearing to keep them out of the wind.

Would a PEEK “replacement bearing” be a viable option in that it could take up substantially less room or have gaps for cables (space REALLY is at a premium in there) , and potentially not be a fixed full ring? if it had a split in it or was two halves , it could REALLY save some servicing Pfaff.

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Cane Creek aer? Another picture of how it all goes together

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