Are you looking to build a ebike, can't get a motor?


We’re asked a lot here a FreeFlow Technologies about our mid drive E-Bike motor and we will we sell to custom frame builders. The answer is yes!

We have designed our system to work perfectly for all custom frame builders, we even make the steel motor bracket. Our business plan as well suits Handmade bike brands as our buy in is just one system!

Our system is compact, lightweight and longterm 100% serviceable at any bike shop on the planet.

We will be displaying at the Bespoked show next month and will have a number of demo bikes for you all to try.

In the meantime here are our contact details as we are keen to talk with any and all about electrifcation of one of your cool made frames.

You can also check us out on BikeCAD.


David Hemming
Managing Director
FreeFlow Technologies


Thanks for joining the forum and reaching out to framebuilders.

I had to do a bit of digging to figure out some of the technology behind your motor:

I did not realize this was a harmonic drive motor, very cool! I Your motor cabinet’s form factor and power output seem well suited to metal bikes.

Is it possible to post some more technical documentation of how the motor interfaces with the frame? A 3D CAD model or drawing of the motor cabinet would be very helpful.


I recently posted some pics on IG of an adapter I’d made to mount the FFT motor cradle to my Bicycle Academy fixture.

I worked with Brent to get the FreeFlow motor system integrated into BikeCAD and it’ll be available in the next release which I believe is imminent.


Very cool. I really want to build an e-bike. Did I just say that?!?!
This seems like a good option for hobby builders.


Lol. I started building one a few months ago and stopped. My heart wasn’t in it with teh way it was looking. These newer compact motors definitely change the posibilities with packaging and are more appealing.


A few questions that I didn’t see answers for on the website.

What’s the q factor?

What battery voltage? Can it take 52v?

Listed weight from 2.5kg to 3.5, what changes in that spread?

Any weight rating? Could one put this on a longtail bike and haul a pair of kids around?


HI there,

Here are those questions answered:

The Q-factor is 187mm

We use a 43.2v battery

The weight change has been down to design changes. We like to look at the system as a complete weight with the battery. overall you have a system that is 5.6kg with a 300w battery or 6.99kg with a 600w

The system is 60hm, so depending on the landscape and the wright of the kids it might just be enough power.

Please do come back if you have any more questions.


The key here that we wanted to address was creating a motor bracket and installation system that made it easy to weld the frame at the start. I would be happy to send you the integration file if you ping me a email

Hey there,

The custom frame builder/hobby builder is a target market for us. I would be happy to work with you.



FreeFlow Technologies - System Integration file

Here is the link to the file you will need.

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We also have all the step files you will need to intergrate, what is you email address and I can link you to them.


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I’m working on a cargo bike design, and this system seems like a great candidate. Quick question - Will future (higher torque) versions of this motor fit into the same mounting bracket?


Hi Sam,

We have a product roadmap that we are working on, or goal is to make this universal so you would not have to change the frame.

What would be your thoughts on building something now iwht our 60nm system?

happy to chat on the phone if you want to call me 07880 189869


David Hemming


Hi David,
I think I probably will build with the current 60nm version. I need to finalize the design and get a few other things off my plate first, but I hope to have it rolling this spring. I will send you an email to get the step files for the motor mounting bracket.
Sam Carlson

Hey Sam,

Whats your email address so I can at least send over all the information you will need to start planning this with our system. contact me at



Do you know if and when you mount will be in Bike Cad? Might be in there already but I don’t know.

It’s already there in BikeCAD, I worked with Brent on this to make sure it was included in 20.1

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Hey Steve,

Can you put the link to it on here please.


Hey there,

Happy to jump on. phone call and discuss our system with you. Whats the best number to call you on?



Here is the file path to get you to the motor Bracket on BikeCAD, let me know if there is anything else you need.

How to get to the Motor bracket in Bike CAD.

  1. Go to this link:

The click on this “Quick start” button on the top right.

Then hit green button middle of the screen “Launch BikeCAD”

*Wait for the page to load

Now on the second row of icons click the 17 icons along that is the drive train image. This opens a sub box.

In this box and rod of icons select the fifth one along.

Check the ‘Include” box

From the drop-down menu select the “FreeFlow” motor.

You can now chage the orientation of the motor bracket in the box marked “A”