Bespoke, October 13-15, 2023, Dresden Germany

Bespoke, the largest European bike show, is this weekend! Anyone going to go?

Or If you’ve attended in the past, let us know your experience!



Rossman cycles will be there! I know Paul @Smoothsailor will also be there.
Hahn Rossman


For those who are going, it would be great to get some photos and some write-ups! Always fun to see what is going on in the world.

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I try and do my best. Set up my bikes today and had a wander around. Did see some cool stuff allready

Would have been fun to go! Bit too late notice though :’(

It was a super cool event, with only super nice builders . Very high quality builds.
I did took some pictures, but poor ones. On all the regular bike feeds plenty of coverage.
The bikes that stood out for me were by:
Wunderlich, super clean, well balanced bikes
Meerglass, rando bikes with all the bells and whistles
Fern, he is the builders builder
Rossman, doesn’t get any better than those.
Jaeger, st Joris, quirck, true love, yaad had a super nice race bike, the bare minimum looked real fast
Our own starfish had two cool bikes( next time we chat)
And many more.
I hesitated to go, thought I had no business there whit all those great builders. Didn’t feel that way at all