Bike Machinery Bicycle Tubing Frame Cutter Cutting Machine w Coolant

Here’s another interesting ad I saw on SF Bay Area Craigslist:

No relation to seller, please don’t contact me for info, etc.

Bike Machinery Bicycle Tubing Frame Cutter Cutting Machine w Coolant - $3,500 (hayward / castro valley)

Up for sale we have a Bike Machinery Bicycle Frame Cutter Cutting Machine in good
working condition. The machine uses two whole saws to cut or make holes into bike
tubing frames. It comes with two air powered vises to clamp the frame. It has a coolant
pump which will deliver coolant to the cutting section. This machine runs on 220V, 3
phase power and a compressed air connection. Bike Machinery 110-181, made in Italy.
WT 1375 lbs with pallet DIMS 49x42x41

Watch video here


Wow that is insane. I wonder what the story of this machine is and how it ended up in Hayward. It looks brand new. I might inquire into it out of curiosity.

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I am curious as well. That place in Hayward is just a machine tool reseller.

I’d buy that in a hot second if you could angle those vises


I know, right? I’m guessing that someone bought it for some other, non-bike purpose, and then it ended up at this reseller.

Mark, it looks to me like you can swing those vises. If you look closely at the video, each vise mounts to the table on a circular base and is clamped by two nuts, one on either side. I’m betting those can be backed off allowing the vise to rotate.

Here is a similar machine that does show the tubes set at an angle:

-Jim G


I have an office in Hayward. Wonder if it is close

It looks really clean; the video of the underside tells a story of very little use. If it’s still around in a few weeks I may go have a look, I can think of a few ways to put this to use.

That’s cool and all but I remember seeing Cielo (I think it was) had machine that would miter the top and downtubes at the seat and head tubes at the same time (but not the BB). Can’t find the video but I’m sure it’s somewhere on one of the other Framebuilding archives.


I think Oscar at Simple has that one now or one that is very similar.


Yes super similar! We use them over at lunchtime Bike co now. They take a minuet to set up perfect, but man it’s a dream to run both cuts at once.


That machine is 3 miles from my Hayward office. I probably get it shipped cheap to the east coast.

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Oh. My. Gawd. That thing is bad ass!

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