BMDS - Builds log

Seems everyone has a “name” and I needed one to get some quotes and have McMaster ship to me in Canada.

BMDS - Brian - Maya - Dominik - Sébastien the names of myself, my spouse and our two boys.

Garage builder and day dreamer, no company at this point. I’ve built a few hardtails and several full suspension bikes.

Back to 2014 for 001, no jig just vise, files, hacksaw, some clamps and random stuff.

Followed up shortly with my first full suspension build. Again with no jig and the bare minimum tools.
Full scale paper drawing and paper templates. This frame used a 44mm headtube for it’s mainpivot and a pair of headset top caps, full credit to @anon91558591 for the idea.

Kinda cool that my frame caught the attention of Paul Aston at Crankworx 2015. I raced the 2015 EWS Crankworx on this bike. It was supposed to be finished for the infamous Crankzilla of 2014 but I ran out of hours…I was a few hours short of finishing the frame.

Forward to 2018 and after several years on the single pivot I moved into linkages. Tooling added, a benchtop mill and some crude 8020 jig work.

The NPC 144 broke on it’s first test ride. Seems I had only tacked on the linkage mount and didn’t return to it for proper brazing, opps. Blew them both off on the first big huck near the end of it’s first ride. I fixed it and rode it the rest of that year, the seattube had been compromised in the incident and would be it’s final failure point while riding A-Line laps at WBP.

Hardtails…these were kinda filler. Faster to build than a full suspension frame when needed in a hurry when fully’s were broken. Some I didn’t take pictures of building.


This was built to race the final run of the Nimby50 in Pemberton BC. I screwed up the yoke clearance for fat 2.6 tires that I intended to run. I was less than a week out from the race and had to pull out both stays and redo them.

Side note, I have had to repair a bunch of my builds. Ride em break em and fix em, and there is a habit of all of this happening last minute for an event.

LL 150 - I didn’t post as many pictures of building this one. This was built in 2019.
At some point I fell in love with the look of the Ancilotti Scarab Evo so I built my own semi-clone.

I finished this bike just days before the 2019 Crankworx EWS…then realized the night before the race that my rear swingarm uprights were bending. Starting at 8pm after getting kids to bed I worked till 2am fixing it, then up at 5am to drive to Whistler to race it. That was fun.

This frame was brought back from the dead several times with repairs. This was the 2nd round on the swingarm and you can see the gusset added.

Spring 2022 and in a rush to get something to ride for another event I pulled it down from the rafters to fix this mess.

The cross tube that the seat tube lands on tried it’s hardest to give up on life but I wouldn’t let it. This time I had tons of time…fixed with 2 days before the Pemby Enduro.

The current ride will get documented next. Lunch break over, back to real work.


Love the repair documentation! Really inspired by your full suspension progression, have dreamt about making one for a while now

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