Bontrager 1994 Video

I was recently trying to find some info about one of Keith Bontrager’s research papers online – I didn’t find it, but I did find this video someone posted of him doing a Q&A in a Sacramento bike shop circa 1994. I enjoyed watching it, so wanted to share…

-Jim G


Do mean this one?

Just in case you haven’t watched this video yet, it’s got some great tidbits of interest to framebuilders and it’s just wild to see how different mtbs are now.

Especially the part where he discusses gussets and why he uses them and the testing they’ve done.

Also in stark contrast to today’s bikes when he discusses front end geometry and cornering on the new suspension forks and how they adjusted frame geo to make the bikes handle better.

I think my favorite is when he asks if anyone likes suspension and if they think it’ll catch on.