Build Log-blog - Starfish workshop projects

I’m creating this topic in hope that I’ll find time and energy to post some updates from my what’s going on in my workshop.

I’ve recently had to get some time off of social medias becuase it took way more energy than it gave. also fuck Meta.
Will propably still do some posts now and then on my Instagram to keep the buisness alive…

Anyway I often feel quite lonely being all alone in a dark and cold workshop all day so I thought this could be a nice way to share some work in progress and get to talk to other people about it :slight_smile:

Currently my main project is to make tools and processes for a small batch production rack. Will share photos and more info about it in my next update!

Best, Tore :purple_heart:


Totally can relate. SM is so draining, both to post and to view. I spend 3hrs to do a bike photoshoot knowing it will occupy someone’s feed for less than a second.

Also, I hope you (and everyone else) do not feel the pressure to update the forum. It’s here for fun and for community! Weekly, monthly, and yearly check-ins are all appreciated. :heart: