Builders Build Personal Builds

Is this adult bmxing!? Looks fun! (pulls out old S&M bike to make sure I can still 180)


Haha yeah pretty much. 20” are too stiff for my old (33) joints. The larger wheels and frame adds just enough flex to keep my body in better shape.


I never was a park rider which ultimately might have better joint longevity than hucking it down stair cases. This looks like a fun bike, something to scratch that itch I get every once in a while.


If we are talking about bikes that get ridden then here is my original winter bike. Frame #11 that I built, back in 2009. I estimate that it has over 80,000 miles on it now. Used and abused, I have probably cleaned it only three or four times ever. On my second Alfine hub, I think third set of the Gates drivetrain, second set of shifters. But everything else apart from the tires is original. Pannier rack integrated, custom fenders, rear light installed in the seatmast.

This is the bike I always wanted, which was made possible once there were drop bar shifters for the Alfine hub. Which meant I could build a weather-proof bike that needs (almost) zero maintenance. The only thing I would do differently is build in bigger tire clearance (just clears 28s).


Welcome to the forum Rob! There are many fans of your work here, including me.

80,000mi is unfathomable to me. That is amazing. Curious what your opinions on the gates and Alfine hub are. You probably have more miles than anyone on that system. That is some impressive mileage without serious maintenance.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for creating the forum! I’m pretty dedicated to doing everything by bike (we were car-free for seven years), so having such a reliable bike has been a wonderful thing. The Gates belt drive is amazing - quiet and smooth, never needs tensioning and lasts a really long time. The Alfine 8spd hub is incredible - especially considering the low cost. The freehub bearings are close to the elements and so ideally need a bit of care. But when they go bad it just means a bit of noise when freewheeling, so not too big a deal.



I am an Alfine fan myself (and a Rob fan - but that’s for another day), I am collecting parts for my wife’s personal build and it will have an Alfine 11, my Alfine11+Gates is going strong with the same belt since 2014. I bought an extra belt for a trip I made but never had to use it, still in the box since 5y!


Another impressive thread. I think I have shared this before here, but anyway…

Finished around the end of 2021, I’m not sure how many miles but it’s my neighborhood bike and it really rides great. Mostly straight-gauge .035 crmo. Weighs a lot. I’m particularly proud of the custom hardware for the Wald rack.


This is not a bike I fabricated but rescued from a dumpster. It’s a ~'93 Trek 850 Made in USA of Tange Prestige tubing. I modded to a 650B and have used it for everything from singletrack bikepacking to grocery getting to my daily suburban bullying since 2018. A true mixte.