Calgary Handmade Bike Show, November 3rd

Calgary Handmade Bike Show, happening November 3rd, 5-9pm at Tool Shed Brewery

Handful of Western Canada builders showing, looks like it will be a fun event!

Check out the Instagram for more info


“Food by Notorious P.I.G.”



Hey everyone!

I’m the Co-organizer for the event. We’ve changed our name for the event but this is the third event I’m aware of in Calgary.

We have about 10 exhibitors for frames and a couple of people bringing their custom bike bags/pogies/etc. exhibitors are coming from all around Alberta and some from BC as well.

Hoping to grow this next year to include even more builders. An event for the pro builder, someone interested in learning how to build, to the garage hack (me) wanting to show of their build. I’d love to include tools and fixture builders as well!

Thanks to @Schonstudio for setting this post up for me.


Too cold to work on the bike for the show today so sat down to make up a quick shirt design for the exhibitors. Definitely has a Paul Brodie UFV frame building class vibe :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great design. I’d buy a shirt!

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That’s a great compliment! Thanks so much. If I have enough interest, maybe I’ll set up a made to order shop for US buyers. Would be great to sell some and use the money for future events!

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