Carbon fork with 385 a-c and 60mm tyre clearance?!

I’ve been planning a monster gravel build for a while and have been looking for a carbon fork that will clear 29er tyres. I found a Chinese factory that makes a fork that fits my needs. What I am suspicious about is the claimed Axle to crown length of 385mm coupled with a tyre clearance of 60mm for 700c. Is this at all possible? Here’s the link to the fork -

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I think that dimension is from the axle to the bottom of the fork crown. It looks like the actual axle-crown is 410mm. I used a Winow Sports FK-059 on my most recent gravel bike and it’s held up great!

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Why do you need such a short fork length? You’re making the frame, no? Then you can design for a longer fork, including the fork you linked to.

@liberationfab is correct, 385 is the crown clearance.

True axle to crown is 410mm

This is on par with the ENVE adventure fork:

  • 700x58mm clearance
  • 406a2c

If you want more clearance, the Bearclaw fork clears:

  • 29x2.6
  • 420a2c
  • BOOST spacing

I would highly recommend the Seido MGV Fork. You can find quite a few for $300ish and they clear 29x2.25 with internal or external routing.
Screen Shot 2024-06-16 at 2.52.56 PM


I’ve put a few fork options in this realm together here:

Note that all dimensions come from the form manufacturer and aren’t necessarily vetted by me.


Eva, this is such a great list! Thanks for sharing!

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Ah, I was looking at the wrong dimensions. Thank you everyone for your responses and thank you @liberationfab for that very helpful list.