Cargo bike steerer

Im building an omnium inspired cargo bike. I’m about to connect the steerer to the fork.
Since there is no fork underneath the headtube. How do you secure the steerer tube?
I made a “stem” where I braze on a plate for the connector.
Is it better to use the tp part of a headset on the bottom, or do I make a crownrace seat on the steerer tube?
Thank you

Start watching this video from Phil Vandelay’s cargo bike build at the 7:00 minute mark – he constructs the steering mechanism. It might give you some pointers…?

-Jim G

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I did the latter. I just brazed a standard crown race on about 10mm from the bottom of the steerer. Then, I cut some slots in the bottom 10mm to act as a key for the steering linkage plate.
I suppose you could use a top headset, and clamp the linkage to it, but that seems like more work, and takes up more space.


Omniums use a crown race and bottom cup at the bottom since the steering arm bracket is welded to the bottom of the steerer tube. It’s a rock solid setup so that’s how I would do it. You can also buy an Omnium steerer tube that’s ready to go but we won’t have them back in stock for a few months yet.

If you’re using a clamp on steering arm I guess you could use a top cup upside down. Seems unnecessarily complicate to me though since you don’t need adjustments there to align the bars with the fork.


I used some 1.125 .035 chromoly tube, welded a crown race and arm like bushtrucker posted. The linkage is 70mm from center (bushtrucker was kind enough to measure the Omnium).


Thank you all, this was the info I needed

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Finished the task today, I brazed a crownrace seat on the extended steerer and put in a star nut. Should be secured now


I never bothered to add a crown-race seat. I just used an upper headset on the bottom upside down.