Chainstay and seatstay miter jig

Hei guys. I‘m thinking about a miter jig like cobras or farrs. I want a jig that can miter chain- and seatstays. So my plan is to built it a little bit like the stay slayer. Because I‘m a hobbyist I want to built it at my own. Also because it’s always a nice way to do the thinks at your own.
Big problem are the v-blocks. I don’t know wich size I should use for the nut. I want a horizontal clamp because the miter center can be at every v-block the same. So these thinks I built already.
I also miter a nut to test the fit. This one works great with the thinner ends of chain and seatstays. Wich should choose for the big end of the chainstays to bb? Is a vertikal v-Block the better choice?

Thanks for all your ideas!

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And yes there stucks something🙈

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Do you have a 3D printer or access to one? On my similar jig I cnc’d blocks that matched the oval on my chainstays and it worked great because it was super solid. These days I’d try 3D printing those blocks.

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Also, it would be great to see pictures of the whole thing when it’s done!

Yeah I will share the Projekt step by step!
Do you mean a plastic one ore a steel one? I have the option of a cnc mill?
Maybe you can show a picture of the clamps?

There is a photo here;

CNC’d aluminum is great and how I did it. 3D printed plastic would also work well.

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Hei everyone i finished the project today! if you wanna see results you can take a look at my insta post.