Cross-post: Henry James Frame Jig [NE USA]

Since these don’t pop up often, I thought it would be worth cross-posting from Facebook. To be clear, I’m not the seller, but I do (reluctantly) have a Facebook account and can pass along info if needed!

Check it out!

Henry James Frame Jig
Lancaster, PA
Used for about 30 frames and then put away by previous owner. I am not the original owner nor did I ever use it. I went a different direction for my needs.
Everything is in good working order.
I am willing to drive and meet in the Mid Atlantic/ Tri-State area. I am in central south PA.
May be willing to ship but I’ll have to pass that cost to buyer.
Any questions, just ask. Thanks!

Hi! Some Philly folks might be interested in this. If it’s still available can you share contact info with the seller? I don’t have Facebook :confused:


It’s listed as “pending” - want to dm me a good email address and I’ll pass it on?

That would be great. Thanks!