Custom CSV tabs


I am looking for a way to speed up the two drawings I do for each bike

  • customer view - fit and geo info
  • shop view - jig, miter and clearance info

Right now I sort through each tab selecting the outputs I need, once for the customer and once for myself. Inevitably I end up missing some from time to time even though I use the nearly the same outputs on each bike.

What I am proposing is the ability to add custom tabs under ‘configure csv’ that builders could populate with the outputs they use the most. This way we could hit ‘select all’ in a custom tab and get all the fit and geo info we use, then ‘select all’ under another tab for all the shop info we need.

You can save your dimension sets as templates and switch between them in the File menu.


I agree with @manzanitacycles . For more on this, see: However, your question was about CSV files. Is that your preferred reference for your build specifications? I could potentially implement a way to switch between multiple CSV configuration files if that’s what you’re after.

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Oh, my bad. You’re talking about CSV output. I tried customizing it once but in the end went back to using the drawing with dimension templates. For me it’s easier to manage and provides a visual reference so I don’t accidentally refer to the wrong dimension.

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Here’s my suggestion for a workaround before a possible implementation in a future release.

  • Open BikeCAD
  • Select the CSV outputs you want for your customer view
  • Quit BikeCAD
  • Navigate to your BikeCAD configuration folder, also make a shortcut to it for easy access
    [WINDOWS] C:\Users|username\AppData\Local\BikeCAD_xx.x_configuration
    [MacOS] /Users/username/BikeCAD_xx.x_configuration
  • Back up the config folder by compressing it into a zip archive (just in case)
  • Make a copy of the config folder
  • Rename the copy to for example: “BikeCAD_xx.x_configuration_customer”
  • Open BikeCAD
  • Select the CSV outputs you want for your shop view
  • Export the shop CSV data
  • Quit BikeCAD
  • Rename the active config folder to: “BikeCAD_xx.x_configuration_shop”
  • Rename the customer copy of the folder back to the original name by removing the “_customer” part of the name
  • Open BikeCAD
  • Export your customer CSV data

Now all you need to do is to swap between the configurations by quitting BikeCAD, renaming the folders back and forth, and then re-launching BikeCAD.

A bit cumbersome, but easier and way quicker and more accurate than selecting the outputs each time.