Custom shifting with Hibox for Pinion

Dear Custom Frame Builders,

We produce a great variety of two-wheelers, but have a focus on custom titanium bikes for travel and gravel :slight_smile: We therefore integrate the Pinion gearbox quite often.
However, we were unsatisfied with the limited options regarding shifters, especially as its custom bikes that we built. We wanted to be able to offer custom shifting on custom bikes.

We thought for a while and came up with an idea, the idea turned into a product and that’s what I want to present you today:

We have developed a gearshift control that replaces the universal pulley of the Pinion. The Hibox can then be connected to almost all common shift levers, be it mechanic or hydraulic. This requires only a slight modification of the levers.

The Hibox works with all Pinion C-Series gearboxes, and comes in a robust & durable construction.
We will present it next week at BESPOKED 23 in Dresden, Germany.
After that orders can be placed.

For any squestions, just call me or drop a line here.