Digital Angle Finder

After dropping my Wixey WR365 digital angle finder a thousand times on the floor, it finally stop working. I was going to buy another but I was wondering if there is anything better?

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I don’t know where @Neuhaus_Metalworks got this angle finder (maybe he did get it shipped), but it works really well. It has a magnetic V block, which grabs ontop tubes really well:

Yeah, they’re all more or less the same. I grew to really like the one I ended up getting, it’s a Klein 935DAG.

Has the magnetic v-pads on all 4 sides, so you can stick it to tubes in any orientation. It’s meant for electricians running conduit all day.

It’s also pretty cheap (I mean, they kind of all are). The display is nice, reads easy even from odd viewing angles.

I got mine from Mr. Bezos for about $30

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I’ve had a Wixey for a long time but a few months ago picked up a 9" long Empire that’s better, if you have room for the 9" length.

Backlit screen, IP54 dust/water/flux/coolant resistant, V-groove to center on tube, strong magnets, superior quality/precision/warranty. Not Chinese.

I got mine for under $50, but it looks like street price is now $65-70
Downside is I’ll feel worse if I do ruin it!

Mark B

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After relying on a unit that I’d dropped several times and had unknownst to me become inaccurate, I now consider these as disposable items. Sad but true.

Make sure you regularly check the accuracy of your unit and calibrate it if it’s possible. If not when in doubt get a new one. They’re inexpensive. The units with a v-groove are nice to use.


Home Depot carries the Klein 935DAG and I have a gift certificate sitting in a drawer somewhere. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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Does anyone know where I can find an angle finder that will measure to a precision greater than a tenth of a degree? Basically, I’m just looking for an angle finder that will measure to two decimal points. For example 73.75 degrees. Most digital angle finders I have seen will only measure to a .1 degree. So, if you are shooting for 73.75 degrees, you would have to settle for 73.7 or 73.8 degrees.

That’s less than 0.1 mm error over 100 mm… Unless you’re doing something other than framebuilding, I don’t think there’s much call for the sort of precision.


Yeah it’s tricky to coax that much accuracy out of an accelerometer, especially at more extreme angles - here’s a fun paper about how they’re used for angle finding and some of the pitfalls with their accuracy.

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Digital angle finders often have a higher resolution on the readout than the accuracy that they’re actually capable of measuring to. 0.05degrees is nearly nothing. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I was in need of a new DAF, so I purchased the one @Daniel_Y linked to.

I didn’t expect it to arrive any time soon, it got here in less than a week. First impressions after using it last night and this morning, it’s the best DAF I have used. For reference: I’ve had 3 wixely and use a Klein at work.

The magnets on the wixely are a bit weak the Klein magnets are aggressive this one lands in the middle of those two. It reads repeatedly the same on the same surface unlike what I experience with a wixely


My Wixey uses a coin cell battery and it will drain itself without being used. After a little research I recently bought another Wixey to give as a gift and it used ordinary AAA. That was a nice improvement. If mine breaks, I will get the newer version.

My Moore & Wright Digitronic MW570-01 model will do 0.05° readings. I’ve not seen anything widely available that will do 0.01°. Most digital levels can manage this resolution.

I didn’t buy it for that, though, more the cast aluminium box, magnets on 3 sides and the 9-volt longer lasting battery.

Pricier than the Chinese stuff, at around $100, but tough. I’ve run two of them for 15 years with nothing more than battery a few battery changes.
Dropped many times, but always survived and not required adjustment after checking calibration.

I really must level up my desk :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,
Dan Chambers