Disc caliper drawings

Anyone have drawings of flat mount and post mount calipers from either Sram or Shimano? I’d like to use them in Fusion to check seat stay clearances. Thanks!

Sram provides drawings for their caliper bounding boxes in the frame fit documentation here. There are 3D CAD files somewhere but I haven’t ever looked hard enough for them. Shimano docs are not as helpful, unfortunately.

Here is the Shimano one but its missing an important dinension.


There are a couple on Grabcad. I checked the Hope one and it seems to pretty close to the real thing:

Someone has been kind enough to do the whole Rival AXS groupset:

And a sram code: https://grabcad.com/library/sram-code-rsc-caliper-1

I’m just missing a Shimano 2 pot caliper in my collection, that would be very handy.


Sram offers STP files for levers and calipers through their Connect account page: here


I’ve asked about getting access to connect but they said I wouldn’t be eligible for it. No idea what the requirements are. But if anyone gets in or has some insight that would be great!