DR2095 dropouts

I really like those dropouts an I use them in my builds. There is a “but” (and I’ve seen other people had the same issue): if you paint them, the hanger does not fit. What is the most common solution? Not paint the inside and just grease it? I pre

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That’s right, don’t paint where the hanger sits. You only need to prime and grease. On our next batch of round steel snapring dropouts, we’ll increase the size of the pocket slightly to accommodate paint.

I’m planning on building with these dropouts for the first time next year, and was going to try using printed inserts to mask the hanger interface. Seems like a way to avoid a finicky tape mask. Can’t vouch for the efficacy as I’m yet to try it, and I have the SS version so rusting of the unpainted surface isn’t much of a concern. Something like this:

Edit: updated the mask so the snap ring groove isn’t covered.

DR1095 Paint Mask.stl (56.7 KB)


You could also talk to @Carl_Snarl who sells a bunch of paint masks for various bike parts. He might be able to get a large quantity made/ordered.

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Paint thickness and coverage are all over the place. Impossible to predict! I think its better to have it naked and risk a little rust compared to a too-tight or too-loose hanger with paint.

@photon @liberationfab Great suggestions.


That rubber plug would be very simple to 3D print a negative mold, then cast with some high temp silicone: https://www.smooth-on.com/products/mold-max-60/

Here is an example: https://all3dp.com/2/3d-printed-molds-all-you-need-to-know-to-diy/


My painter adds a thin primer layer inside the dropouts and on the dropout faces too. The hanger still slips in just fine. A thin coat of grease seems adequate as long as you check it for corrosion every so often and reapply as needed.

I think the dropout is even better without the snap ring. No tools needed to replace the hanger! If Sram hadn’t come out with UDH, I’d use these dropouts for all my bikes.

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