EE brake - pre-orders for 'gravel' DM version

Hello builders,

As some of you will know, a while back I worked with Craig Edwards on prototyping a version of the EE brake to clear large volume tires. This is a direct mount brake, with the bosses at 68mm width.

You can see a set of the prototype brakes on this build:

Performance is the same as the regular brake, but with clearance for up to 45mm tire width (or maybe a bit bigger depending on tire/rim). Or 40mm tires and fenders fit very comfortably.

Cane Creek are willing to do a very limited production run of these brakes, but all will need to be pre-sold. They are saying: “We are far away from our vendor MOQs, so we’ll have to pay prototype-level prices for the gravel specific parts. So the gravel eeBrakes will be $300 each/$600 per bike.”

If you are interested in any quantity of these brakes, please send me a message saying how many you would like. If there is enough interest then I can organise the group purchase and delivery would likely be in March.

thanks, Rob.


Thanks for pushing this new standard, we need more risk-takers to make progress! If I didn’t have 1000 projects going on, I would love to jump on this. Still might!

What axle to crown are you designing your forks around?

Hi Daniel - I have done a few different style forks so far. Axle-crown has been 388mm (55mm rake), 394mm (56mm rake) and 395mm (51mm rake).


Last call for folks who would like some of these brakes! This production run may not be repeated, so if you are interested, please let me know asap.