Elysian's 2024 Builds

Well. Here’s the first for the year:

All road. Dedacciai + Whisky No 9+
Prismatic Powder Dragon’s Blood with 23k gold decals.
GRX 600 2x, GRX wheels, Shimano cockpit. Wolf’s Tooth + Thomson to round it out.
Fast Tire: 700x32 | Max Tire: 700x38 |Current Tire: WTB 700x36mm

Client is fundraising for JDRF.
Newer rider with a history of marathons.
We’ve got him on a 2x-day stretching routine to take a cm or 2 out of the stack height.

Next on deck is a track bike.



Beautiful! I love the red color with the gold leaf.
I’m about to start one pretty similar to this - a 2x touring bike with disc brakes and external full-housing cables.

I’m curious what rear dropout / derailleur hanger you’re using.

And this will be my first time routing three external cables on the down tube. It looks like you’re maybe using something like this: Minimal and lightweight triple housing guide – Framebuilder Supply.
How did the routing turn out? Are you worried about the cables rubbing on the headtube? Anything you would have done differently?

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The dropout is a Paragon DR2087. If I did it over (and budget allowed) I would’ve gone for the stainless version (especially when paired with powder coat).

I’m using a similar triple guide from Fairing.

On the NDS I usually add a stainless strip like this. I prefer not to on the DS. . . because I’m me. I also run the cables “California cool” (rear brake and derailleur route to the NDS, front derailleur runs to the DS and they cross back by the BB) so that tends to help with cable rub. Finally, I use these just in case something goes wonky (you just have to remember to install them when you’re adjusting your hydro lines not immediately after :stuck_out_tongue: )

There’s not much I would change on this build once we got rolling. But I definitely learned a lot about handling a customer that’s indecisive about paint. The ultimate solution was to point him toward Prismatic Powders and say, “All the swatches are free, you just pay shipping. Order some and consult with Dana (his wife, a graphic designer).”


That is the way to do it! I’ve had similarly indecisive customers and it’s always best to take yourself as far out of the decision making process as possible :sweat_smile:

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