Equinox Bicycleworks build log and shop stuff

Planning to use this as a place to share builds, but also cool shop related stuff. I like looking for/thinking of tricks to help the process improve and have already learned a bunch from this forum group, so will try to give back some.

Today I made this little adapter that allows using the wiggler or tube center finder in the same size collet as the hole saw arbor. It was a simple little project, but will save lots of hassle swapping collets to get tubes centered and cutters on target.


genius! I have never used a tube center finder like that. Do you find it useful? Any pitfalls of that design?

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I haven’t had it very long. Saw it on another builder’s instagram and thought it looked like the ultimate solution. It needs a little tuning out of the box, but seems to do a decent job. It’s nice to have another option for setting things up.

The wiggler is awesome! I use it all the time for quick jobs. The round point (not shown) is a perfect fit for the centering hole on my Anvil miter fixture.

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I have one of those tube center finders, honestly it’s a little faster and more accurate to just use and edge finder and center or offset from there.


Ever spent a bunch of time and effort getting a yoke/chainstay combo just right so it will do all the magic things only to realize you built it with the rockers in the forward position and it’s now 20mm too long? Yeah, good times



Similar to the “measure chain, add two links” only to realize you subtracted two links and now your chain is 4 links too short.