Equipment recommendations for titanium anodising

I am seeking advice or recommendations for getting started anodising titanium frames. i.e. any DC voltage regulators unsuitable for anodising? What are best practices?

I’m not usually an Amazon-purchaser, but I picked up one of these which worked well for my purposes. You want something that can get to >100V and the more current the better! Other than that, a simple mix of borax and water was super easy. I used a big plate of Ti as the cathode and some thin Ti wire for dipping the part. The big thing I struggled with was getting everything clean since I was doing it in a friend’s backyard :sweat_smile:

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we are using to get the ti tube clean on the specific anodising area. but pretty aggressive stuff.
You also need a Ti wire and Ti plate as anode and cathode.
We also using a laboratory power supply with 120V max voltage.
Yes, very important to keep everything clean.

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I’ve got some Multi-etch on the way.

I tried both tsp cleaner and borax for my electrolyte solution. I was not able to achieve higher voltage colors. I’m hoping the multi-etch makes the colors more vibrant and allows for the higher voltage colors.

I understand the part needs to be very clean. How important is surface finish?


Surface finish/treatment before anodizing makes a difference to get a nice color. We start first with a 3M scotch-brite handpad to remove the first layer of oxide.

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