External bottle boss

Does the framebuilding community have any interest in external bottle bosses?

They’d be nice to have on 34.9mm seat tubes where a recessed boss would interfere with a long dropper post.

PMW already makes a simple solution, but I’ve gotten feedback from customers that they don’t like screwing on a nut. The nut isn’t compatible with all bottle cages too.

Here’s a proposed solution that could be made from mild steel to keep the part cost down.


PVD’s been doing some work in this area recently. Seems like it might be useful to have something like this on the ST with the strap mount option as well so thought I’d throw it in the mix. http://www.peterverdone.com/the-pvd-mount/

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Peter’s design is clever. I like how he can zip tie different 3d-printed holders to the main braze-on.

Daniel’s design on the Neuhaus frames is also a tidy solution.

I’m hoping that my design will be easy for Paragon to make and sell at a low price since I believe it would be a one-operation job on a lathe starting with 3/8" bar stock. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to design holders that fit between the 4mm radius grooves of the bosses and are held in place by the tube and the bottle cage. No zip ties!

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I like both petes design and the Neuhaus design. @manzanitacycles looks like a good solution for a non 3d printed part.

Curious if these would cost less than paragons current offering.

I definitely need to implement something to make up for my terrible craftsmanship:)

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I find the zip tie option the least interesting with Pete’s idea. Having the strap mount integrated to take advantage of the extra height is good though. I’d forgotten about NMW’s approach which, now that I recall it, I definitely like too. I can see yours being a good simple alternative to 3D printing

Ya, I want to avoid 3d printing something like this since that means I would have to keep an inventory of these. I’d rather @mark_pmw make and store them and I buy them from PMW when it’s convenient. That way the part is available to everyone too.

Then the creative minds can design and print different attachments to the bosses.

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from your original post it really looks just like a off set rack boss m5x.8 thread, probably your simplest solutions ,very cheap , might just need to scrap the file across one side to give a little radius, maybe even not. Just give it a good silver fillet and your done. We have them in steel and stainless.

want it a little taller/more offset from tube use full rack bosses HOUR GLASS RACK BOSS M5X.8 THREAD — BICYCLE FABRICATION SUPPLY

Single part that is multipurpose, No need to make a part when one can be repurposed and we keep them good in stock . Paragon has there versions as well too.



Perfect solution Andrew! Next hardtail will be sporting those bosses.