(external) FS: Acrtos-style Jig + extras

Found this on Reddit:

Well, here we are again. After being jerked around and ghosted for the 4th time by someone that was adamant that they were “definitely” going to buy it, I’m relisting this.

This is an arctos style jig that was originally built and used by a professional framebuilder. It comes with a 135mm dummy axle and will accept most standard dummy axles. The extrusions are new and the jig will come with:

  • Torch with new flex hoses, check valves and tips for oxy-propane setup
  • Propane regulator (not pictured)
  • Used oxygen concentrator (not pictured)
  • Several bikes worth of System 48 silver and flux (flux was never opened, but has been sitting for a while, so not sure of its state)
  • A pile of brass

This is a local pickup item only (local is Long Island) given the weight, size and amount of stuff. For a sure-thing I could arrange to meet somewhere between here and Virginia, as I travel there from time to time, but this would require a deposit.
Let me know if you have any questions!

EDIT: Asking $1800 for everything

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This is very tempting. I really just want the brazing stuff. Dont really need the jig. Is probably only 2 hours away from me.

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@sikocycles I’m very tempted by that jig but I would need someone to package it and send it to South Dakota, maybe we can work something out?

We probably can. Message me.