(external) FS: Cobra Frame Jig $3300

Reposting this from the facebook group:

New in box, never opened Cobra Tools frame jig. I was on my way to be a frame builder and life took me elsewhere. Joe with Cobra will probably know me and my dog from our interactions. I had a toob bender by cobra but that is sold. Original cost was 4200 I believe and I’m selling for 3k. OBO buyer pays shipping. I can take photos of the shipping label, box, Invoice from purchase, video of me trying to lift this heavy ass box, whatever you need but I won’t assemble it.
$3,000 · SANTA FE, NM

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I’m trying to nab this right now :crossed_fingers:!


Sounds like a great deal, almost had me sign up for a Facebook account!

Sorry :blush:


Dang, I Waited too long trying to decide if drive side in was going to bug me too much :joy:

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I admit to being very tempted myself. Glad it went to someone here!