[Feature Request] Reach and HTL Primary dimensions

It would be great to be able to specify the front end geometry with:

  • Reach
  • Headtube length

For my workflow, this makes the most sense. Headtubes are usually available in discrete lengths 100mm, 120mm, etc…), so HTL is a driving parameter in my design process.

When I design a bike, I have to flip back and forth to specifiy headtube then reach. When I change the fork axle to crown, everything falls apart, and I have to redo the front end parameters!


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I would consider adding this option if others are also interested. I, personally, like the option of designing a bike using front center and head tube length. If you want to keep an eye on Reach while you play with front center and head tube length, you can still have the Reach dimension shown on the screen as you work.


Thanks @BikeCAD

I will start a poll:


Reach and HTL parameter:

  • Very useful
  • Nice to have
  • I wouldn’t use it
  • I have no idea what we are talking about
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I fall into the nice to have category. I don’t personally use reach often and only as a reference. I design by front center and HTL. This can make for weird reach numbers but since I’m primarily designing for a single body, not a size range, I prefer more relevant geometry numbers.

That being said, I am trying to switch from bespoke only to offering models, and designing by reach + HTL would be useful when I’m designing for a body-height range, rather than a single body.

More options is more better, but I design with the BB to hands option and a specific handlebar modeled in the design. Once that’s set then I’ll switch to the front center/HTL option to round it to the nearest 5mm length. Like BB drop, reach is a driven dimension that’s nice to show customers but otherwise not important to the design.

I agree though that for doing a model size range it would probably be handy to use that combo.