Flatmount 160 rear specs?

I am working on my new 3d printed flatmount UDH dropouts but just decided I want them to be standard 160 instead of 140mm. However I can only find the specs for 140mm dropouts. I can of course measure an adapter, but I can imagine someone here has a drawing. Thanks in advance!

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Nevermind, I was looking with my ass… For everyone interested: page 78 in the Sram road frame fit document: SRAMid


Here it is from the Shimano documentation for FM160/180:

A few practical notes:

  • there is a different drawing for quick release (not shown). Make sure you use the correct one!
  • With FM160, you can tilt the flatmount ~5-6deg to get more caliper-to-SS clearance
  • I found it useful to add a bit more adjustment range than Shimano specifies:
    • the spacing they give is probably based on hub-rotor tolerance
    • the spacing they give does not account for our frame manufacturing tolerances (which is not that good)
    • I don’t see a downside to bumping the clearance

Here is the sketch I use to angle the FM bosses:

I am still playing around with the right amount of adjustment range, but I suggest going a bit liberal with the tolerance (longer slot):


Cheers for the extra info! I already found out that the tolerances are a bit on the tight side, but luckily it is pretty easy to file out an extra millimeter of adjustmentspace in the brake bosses in steel. And indeed good to mention the difference between qr and thru axle, as I did draw my first set of dropouts from the qr ones. Luckily I made a pla 3d print first to check the fit and then found out. Tip of the week: get a cheap 3d printer, it will save your ass on many occasions!