Fourty four in honor of 44

I’ve got another dumb idea. Since I’m gonna be 44 this fall (christ.), I wanna celebrate with 44 park laps on my homemade shit.

Since I’m not done with the park bike yet, I’m gonna start this with the purple bike in park mode. Dropper swapped for a pivotal seat, I had it set up single speed but just couldn’t get it to play nice no matter what I did, so the cassette is back on now. I took 2 full turns out of the adjusters, got the HTA to about 63.75*, lowered the BB alittle and slackened the seat tube.

I’m about sick of instagram and youtube so I’m not filming anything, just gonna collect some potato quality pictures here and kinda keep count, if that’s ok with everybody. We can call it a “durability test” if that sounds more forum appropriate than “how I spent my summer unemployment”

I’m park bound this afternoon, gonna camp a couple nights and ride a few days. Fingers crossed this garbage holds together.


Awesome, have fun out there! What park are you riding?


Thanks! I really like Angel Fire. It’s a couple hours up the road and I just can’t get enough of northern New Mexico


Gnarly! And very cool project. Few people can build their own bike or do 44 laps. Even fewer can do both!

Do we take bets on which one will outlast the other?:

  • The Body
  • The Bike
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You’re all as wrong as you clould be! I do like the poll, though :grinning:

Good bits first. Despite the weather calling for lightning (they gotta stop the lift for 30 minutes if there’s lightning near) I got a full day of riding with only 1 stop for weather on Wednesday. I’m old and slow but I managed 7 laps, which, according to a stranger on the chairlift, is about 35 miles of descending and 14000 feet. Good day.

Holy shit this bike is good. Really good. It’s worth mentioning again that this is the first full squish I’ve owned, I’ve spent a few uncomfortable hours on bike park rentals, but this is really my only experience in full sus land. Take any reports with a huge gain of keep that in mind. That being said, it’s fast, and incredibly comfortable. I felt much more comfortable on this than on the hardatil (duh) and was consistently clearing stuff that I struggled with on the hardtail. There’s this drop, roller, step-up combo that’s just :kissing: :pinched_fingers: and I actually managed to clear it every single time where I was about 3/5 last year.

I also had more than one (that’s a fancy way of saying 2) guys on DH bikes tell me they were having a hard time keeping up with me, so that’s super flattering for an old dude on a homemeade short travel rig. They may have just been being nice, but I’m gonna count that.

Obligatory sunrise/porta-potty picture. These were extra destroyed because the campground was flooded with people last weekend fleeing a shooting at a popular nearby location. New Mexico keeping it classy.

Little over 10000 feet

Big jump line. I can’t clear that first long boy, but I got the other 2. If you check #angelfirebikepark on instagram, one of the first video’s is a dude doing a ridiculous gap into it.

Look, I got it dirty.

Then the other thing happened.

So…remember those rod ends that stuck down on my linkage in the manner that they were loaded completely in the wrong direction? Those litte silver boys in that last picture. The ones that being pulled 90* to their intended direction of travel, with all the little stress risers (threads) in them?

Yeah. About those.

You can see where it was even starting to rust.

So, when one side of the rear triangle (the butt?) has 130mm of rear travel and the other has approximately 250, it breaks shit.

I’m sure the entire day of bottoming it out didn’t help. It let go on a (case) big jump about 100 yards from the bottom of the lift, the tire buzzed the seat and despite being that friggin broken, I rode it out. I was actually able to sit on the seat and coast to the parking lot. If it was gonna catastrophically fail, it couldn’t have gone better. And I got 2 laps in. 35 to go.

So! Weakness found. Weakness to be addressed. I gotta take it apart and see if the actual butt part is bent. It might need a whole new butt. Needs a new linkage for sure. However, according to that poll, I’m stronger than steel, so that’s pretty good.

Next Hopefully last) question. I now seem to have a trail bike that needs a new butt, I also have a park bike in much the same state. I also have a complete, working hardtail.

What bike do I finish first, I will obviously take the leaasons learned here and apply them to whatever I pick.

Looks like we need a new poll.


Props for the big sends!

POLL: What should @Soywater do next?

  • Fix butt for Trail Bike
  • Finish butt for Park Bike
  • Why not both?
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Whew! Sorry if that was kinda rambly yesterday, turns out I was more exhausted than I thought I was when I sat down to write that.

Anyhoo, in the light of a new day, here’s where things stand on the purple bike. Both aluminum rod ends on the butt side need to be replaced, I don’t trust that the clevises aren’t bent or cracked either, so I need something different there. At a minumum it needs a whole new linkage and a lot of repair on the rear triangle, assuming it’s not twised or cracked anywhere else than where it actually came apart and that’s highly unlikely. There’s also a decent chance my main pivot axle is bent. So, for safety sake, it probably needs a whole new butt and all of the associated hardware and a linkage.

The park bike needs the rear triangle and the linkage made. I already have all the parts for it and it’s already in the jig with the dropouts set up.

I think we have an answer.

Also, why not both? Obviously both, but I can’t both at once. I can barely one at once. We’re gonna both. I promise.


Kinda forgot about this. I was just going to shut up and let it die, but, turns out, I’m awhore for attention :man_shrugging:

Also, so far this year, I’ve made 69 passes down that mountain and if the worlds most divorced billionaire thinks that’s a funny number, who am I to argue?

More “fun” with numbers. That’s aroud 138,000 feet of descending and around 345 miles of trail ridden.

It’s been an unbelieveable summer and until someone shows up to prove me otherwise, I’ve got the world record for most passes on a homemade bike on that mountain, at least this year :sunglasses: Setting records every damn day.

If you ever have the chance, ride Angel Fire. You won’t regret it.

I’m headed back this weekend before I have to start a new job. Gross. I’m gonna try to get a few more days in befoe they close in october. Anyhoo…just barely related to framebeuilding but thanks for humoring me.


One hundred six.

Not one hundred and six, then it sounds like you’re talking about two numbers, the number 100 and the number 6.

One hundred six park laps on homemade shit. Nine on the trail bike before I broke it and ninety seven on the park rig, that I didn’t manage to break. 212,000ft of descent and around 530 miles of trail. I’m gonna call that a win.

I put the drivetrain back on and went back this past weekend for my last trip of the year. I forgot my damn sd card for the gopro so I couldn’t film anything, which is kinda unfortunate, since it all looked like this

The trails were all covered in gold aspen leaves, it was stupid how pretty it was.

I did see a real Frameworks bike in the wild, I guess they sponsor one of the local rippers. That was neat to see, even if mine is more fun to look at :wink:

Unbelievable summer. I managed to spend 18 days at the park this year. I think I learned more about bike riding, and what I like in a frame this summer than I have since I started playing bikes.

One hundred six.




Sorry for the double post. Kinda. It’s my thread, I’ll do what I want.

I wanted to make this two becasue this bit doesn’t really have to do with bikes and might get kinda weird. Don’t say I din’t warn you.

My drive to the the bike park is basically 3 hours from my door to the campground. It’s 155 miles or so, in the last 3 or 4 miles of winding mountain roads, there’s construction. They’re widening the road as much as they can, bench cutting and shoring up slopes and all that, they’ve been working on it all summer. As such, that bit of road is down to one lane and they run a pilot car back and forth with traffic in each direction on the one lane. While the traffic is coming at you, you wait. Sometimes you wait more than others.

One of the later trips, I happened to be the second guy in line waiting. Not great because they usually won’t take you through until there are 12-15 cars waiting, so if you’re number 2, you could be there for 20-25 minutes waiting for more cars. I’ve barely come to a stop and the drivers door of the truck in front of me pops open and this guy hops out and starts walking toward me.

Certain that I’m about to get an ear-full of crazy, I put on my best “people greeting smile” and prepare…

This guy walks up and explains that we’re gonna be waiting, and starts telling me about his 40 acres down the way and the he’s a writer and a philosopher and all this, and have you ever talked to someone that had so much confidence that everything that they said sounded completely reasonable? Not bluster or bragging, but a surety in what they were saying that you could almost feel?

Anyway, this guy has that. I’m just intrigued listening to him talk.

Pretty soon he’s telling me that he started having pain when he bent over to pick stuff up. He’s eigthy-something, so he goes to the doc. Doc tells him “Buck, you’ve got cancer in everything from the waist down, it’s in your bones. You’ve got months” So, as we’re there talking he’s working on getting his family out to see him because he’s chosen to use the end of life option we have here and would be receiving medical assistance with dying.

I’m sure I said something along the lines of how sorry I was but how much I respected his decision, and I’m paraphrasing here, but he said something along the lines of,

On the cosmic timeline human consciousness has only existed for a billionth of a second, so that’s all I need. I’ve had so many years and met so many people and several future versions of myself, one of which is obviously you, that I don’t need any more, just one billionth of one second.

There was more, but that part really stuck out to me. I know, it sounds insane but sitting there at that moment, I could have honestly believed I was having some kinda “ghost of christmas yet to come” kinda moment. He mentions having to move the date up because he really wasn’t sure he was going to last until the first week of October. Turns out, the day he was “drinking the Kool-aid” (his words) was my birthday and about 6 days from when we were having this conversation.

This is now weird. As I’m trying to figure out just what exactly is going on, the pilot car shows up, this guy goes “well, time to go” walks back to his truck, hops in and just drives away.

It was just such a weird, surreal experience, that guy with the hat and the clouds and everything and I just can not stop thinking that if i had left my house 1 minute later, stopped to piss somewhere else, not passed that car, driven 1 mph slower, I wouldn’t have had it.

Read this in your best stoned hippy voice “Shit’s, like, crazy man.” Anyhoo, that’s just been stuck in my head, and I just had to share it.

RIP Buck, I’m glad I got the chance to meet you.