Frame and fork Alignment gauges

I’m about to make another batch of the Frame and Fork alignment gauges I sell here:
I needed a 148 version when I was working with huhncycles on the mega bike.
So, since I’m making new ones, I’m adding 148 to the previous 142 version. Is there anything else people want?


I might be alone, but I’d like to have one for 157.

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Is that a Fatbike size?

Yet another MTB standard. I think it came from DH bikes originally. They call it super boost… I like it because I can avoid using a yoke, still can use a 73mm bb, and build a stronger wheel.

157 is what boost would have been if 1x drivetrains had been mainstream a few years earlier. But that’s not what happened so we’ll probably be stuck with 148 for another decade before it finally dies.

And yes, it’s the same flange/disc mount positioning as the old 150x12 dh standard.


I’m still in the programming, tool loading stage. So add 157 in addition to 148?

@hahn_rossman cool tool! I’m going to start a thread about forum member-made/sold tools. I’ll include this one.

I have a suggestion: to avoid feature creep, it might make sense to split the standards. For example:

QR: 100, 120, 130, 135
Thru axle: 100, 110, 142, 148
MTB: 110, 148, 157

About boost/superboost: Super Boost Plus 157 rear axle standard – is it here to stay? | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine