FS: Frame fixture

For sale, beam style extrusion frame fixture. I bought this from Elliot down in AZ who builds under Heeler cycles. I paid $900 plus shipping. I’m selling for $500 plus shipping (approximately 80-100#)

3” extrusion beam style fixture. CNCd aluminum adjustment and holding points. Included are HT pucks for 44mm and 1-1/8, BB pucks for BSA and T47. Has quick connect fittings for purging.

Sets up using outputs from Bikecad and a trig formula. Elliot also sent me an excel spreadsheet that was suppose to output the numbers, but I never used it.

If you want something to hold tubes while you tack a frame together, this will do that. There are two spots that are difficult to get a TIG torch into, one up at the HT/TT HT/DT and one on the ST/BB.

I used the fixture set up drive side in but there is a plate included to allow a drive side out orientation. I had it sitting on a tool box, he designed it to be used on a rotisserie. Bag full of T nuts included.

Extra piece of extrusion would be used for setting it up on a rotisserie, or get creative. This is a good set up as is, but could also be improved without too much difficulty.

Let me know if you have questions.



This a great deal for someone!

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