FS: Framebuilding tools

I have some framebuilding tools gathering dust that somebody out there could surely use. They will ship from Reno, Nevada. Buyer to pay shipping costs.

  1. Var Crown race cutting tool for 1" threaded steerers with 26.5/26.4 cutter. The nut is threaded for 25.4 steerers. If you occasionally build or rehab old school forks, this is the tool for you. $100 + shipping SOLD

  2. Anvil seat stay mitering fixture. I bought it used. It has a few mods that make setup even handier, including a scribed centerline on the arrow and an aluminum block mounted on the underside for vise clamping. $500 + shipping

  3. Victor SR260A medium duty single stage acetylene regulator. I bought this from Rolland Della Santa’s estate as part of a package of random tools. When I brought it home I connected it to my tank to check for leaks. None detected. $75 + shipping

  4. Victor SR460A heavy duty single stage acetylene regulator. Also from Della Santa and also tested with no leaks. $75 + shipping SOLD

  5. Generic acteylene and oxygen regulators. These came with a kit I bought many years ago. They don’t leak and work perfectly fine but they don’t have a brand name stamp on them. $25 for the pair + shipping SOLD

  6. Huntsman welding helmet with gold lens. Lens is clean, helmet is in good shape. $40 + shipping

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Updated the sold items.

Var crown race cutter sold.

Here’s another item for sale:

Alex Meade surface plate frame jig. It’s a nifty system to build a frame on any flat surface. Comes with extra centering cones for larger head tubes.

Asking $400 + shipping SOLD


Nearly new adjustable reamer. 28.6 to 31.75.

Asking $30 + shipping

Anvil lug vise. Includes original sleeves to securely hold the most common lug sizes.

Asking $75 + shipping SOLD

Alex Meade chainstay / seatstay mitering fixture parts. You’ll need to source some 80/20 extrusion to complete the fixture.

Includes clamp blocks for 16mm, 19.05mm, 22.2mm, 30x17, 33.5/15.5, and a v-Groove for smaller stuff. I made the 19.05 clamp from a PMW tube block.

Includes a 142mm dummy axle for standard dropouts and a 148 axle for Syntace.

Includes a homemade dummy axle holder for Anvil/PMW front axles.

Asking $250 + shipping SOLD

hi Nick,
I’d like to purchase the Anvil lug vise.

The lug vise and Meade stay fixture are sold.

Anvil dummy axle for QR forks 102mm indexed.

Asking $40+shipping