GAME: If You Won The Lottery

What would your shop be like? Would you have a shop? Would it be a coffee/bike shop? School? Art house? Recently, we had a discussion and it came down to shop + animal rescue. What about you?


I would incorporate my workshop and tattoo shop and add coffee/ baker


I’d visit!

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I would do a House of Fermentation.
Beer, sourdough, sourdough pizza, Kombucha, Kimchi, sour kraut, and anything else that is fermented. Plus bikes and coffee with a big workshop.


The air would be so fizzy!

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I would start the world’s first cat cafe metal workshop:

But really, I would probably invest the money into starting a legit bike company: employ 5-6 people, focus on advocacy work, host weekly rides, and design and build good bikes.


I would build bikes for free. Because I really dislike talking about money. I just want to talk about cool bikes and engineering.


Depending on how much money but yeah, I got a few hobbies waiting to be lived, I have got a motorcycle addiction that could use some.

I don’t think I would tie myself to a specific geographical place so I would invest in a group of people to make something, cat-cafe-metal-workshop? Tattoo-Baker? Ferment-it-all? Free-4-all-bikes? Sure! And I would travel the world from place to place enjoying a different hobby at each place

Jeff B money? I would mess with some politicians, it seems that in today’s landscape that list is growing by the day.


When I grow up, I want to be just like Paul Brodie. :grin:


I’m not sure what I’d do but I’d start by retaining the following people:

  1. Josh from Silca
  2. Dave Weigel
  3. Adam Savage
  4. This Old Tony
  5. Anna Schwinn
  6. The Ghost of Anthony Bourdain
  7. Obama’s original speech writer.

And I’d probably start a mushroom + bee farm.

From there? Ahh I think I’d like to find a way to ensure all Americans get the medical care they need without having to travel to different states and pump legitimate $$ into “alternative therapy” research.

FTR: If you win 1B, take home 500M and just invest it to ensure a modest return of 3% your MONTHLY take home is like $1.25M.