Group Ask: SS Headtubes?

We haven’t produced stainless steel headtubes in years, way before COVID, because of the insane cost to machine and the quality of material at that time of decision. But about every so often, I get an inquiry from a lone framebuilder who needs a stainless steel headtube. Anywhere I can point them? It doesn’t have to be so specific, but better than my answer, “I’m sorry but we don’t have anything for your situation. Good luck on your search.”

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As far as I know:

KVA has HT stock: KVA Stainless Ordering – Custom Stainless Steel Tubing

Does KVA actually still exist?


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Both Columbus and Reynolds make stainless HT’s, although they are not cheap…


The Columbus XCR headtube is a thing of beauty. Though only in 46/52OD.

The price of stainless steel is insane right now, I get titanium for less.

I was going to go with the old “buy a tube that’s close and make one” answer until I looked up a suitable 12" stainless tube online and it was $176!


I have this ready for an XCR gravelframe in the workshop: XCRX18250

I was only referring to the tapered versions as they don’t do a 36/46 in XCR.