Hallway Cycles build #2

This is my second frame. It was built for my wife after our child requested her to ride bikes with us.

This was a very interesting project due to it being totally out of my comfort zone. Designing geo for someone else is much harder than I expected. I also have never dealt with city bikes so I have no frame of reference.

This is also the first time I have used an internally geared hub. It was relatively simple aside from insuring the dropouts were at the correct angle. This also happened to be my fist wheel build.

I am most proud of the disk brake mount. The mount is my custom design as I couldn’t fine any off the shelf options for semi horizontal dropouts.

I also now understand why so few builders do their own paint :grinning:


I like it!!

Step-thru bikes are underrated imho.

Is it singlespeed or Archer?

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Thanks! It’s an archer 3 speed. I have no IGH experience and am very pleased with it.

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I think it’s a solid build. Did you build the fork also?

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Thanks! I’m not doing forks yet…. That is a Kona fork I’ve had in the basement for a long time

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