Harris Silver for Brazing Dropouts

I am looking for silver to braze some stainless dropouts, and was wondering if the Harris 56% Silver Brazing Alloy is the right stuff for the job.

So far my email inquiry hasn’t been replied to, so I thought it’s best to ask here so that others can learn as well.

Thank you for your input.

I’ve been brazing my stainless parts with 45% silver, works great. If I am not mistaken you are in Europe, so maybe ordering from the Netherlands might be easier? This is where I get mine: https://vankampen.nl/product/zilversoldeer-s-flo-45cdfr-15mm-l-ag-45sn/

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Thank you very much for the help! I was unaware of this before! Will be placing an order there promptly.

You might want to check Finnish welding shops, I can imagine it is also available closer by.


I will do that! However, somewhat surprisingly I do not know of any builder around here who has been successful in sourcing silver locally. Will look into it, though.

I posted a similar question on the Velocipede Salon forum a few months ago. Here’s the best response:

I ended up using 45% and filling up the space with some 2-3mm stainless bar stock. It worked well.

The other option is Fillet Pro (also suggested in that thread) but that might be more difficult for you to obtain since you’re outside of the US.


As an alternative, could you use Nickel Silver rod for this joint? For example – 1/16" DIA GF-72 Nickel Silver Brazing Rod – All Things Brazing

-Jim G

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Would that work with stainless? As I don’t see any actual silver in the chemical composition??

@project12 What flux have you been using? Have you used any of the options found from the VanKampen lineup?

vankampen.nl/Vloeimiddelen en beitsen

Thanks for your help.

I usually use the stainless paste from Cycledesign that I buy from Ceeway, but when I run out I use this: https://vankampen.nl/product/vloeimiddel-super-flux-zilver-poeder-250gr/ Works actually just as good, but is a powder you have to mix to make a paste.